Our Students

During a sunny afternoon break in a Sculpture class I asked Louise Brennan and Tamiya Leung who joined the program in the Fall of 2011 a few questions about their experiences as students in the intense two-year foundations program.

Tamiya working on her Minimalist project

Tamiya working on her Minimalist project

Louise Brennan’s Process Art piece

Louise Brennan’s Process Art piece

Why did you choose to study at Camosun’s Visual Arts?

LB: I chose to study here as I wanted to learn the technical aspects of working along with the theoretical. The conceptual base from Modern Art History (course) is balanced by the practical ways of finding ways to apply that knowledge.

TL: I found the visiting artist lecture series interesting; to see what happens after school. It’s good to see where they went (for further studies) and how they developed as artists.

What project was the most challenging and what did you learn from it?

LB: Minimalism and Post-minimalism. Trying to come to grips with the movement and to create something interesting…Sculpture in general puzzled me. Having to discuss, think, and make a work (that addressed the issues), and then get it displayed was great. I got to see what I could accomplish.

TL: We were given a word and then had to come up with two versions in sculpture based on the word. John ripped the work apart (in the critique). At first I looked at the experience negatively but I learned from that to always push ideas further, possibly to make it more complex or more sophisticated. I learned to work smarter. I also learned to give my ideas more time to develop.

Why would you recommend a potential student to study at Camosun?

TL: The ratio between faculty and students.The demos, explanations of techniques, the wide variety of disciplines offered; I am no longer intimidated by techniques or ideas. I can combine many skills to bear with my practice and my projects.

LB: The balance of the practical and the conceptual is perfect. The time with technicians in demos, and open studios for homework is valuable. Exploring other practices like Intermedia (Performance Art). We are able to engage better, have a better discourse with ideas. You are challenged in areas that you would not have imagined you could do.

What happens in art classes? Check out our weekly uploads of video clips.

More about the Camosun community of artists can be found at http://fearlesscreatives.ca/


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