Our Alumni

Some of our alumni

Dave Bowes (Animator, Vancouver), Rick Leong (Painter, Montreal), Sarah Stein (Conceptual artist, Berlin), Aiden Ellis (Entrepreneur, Victoria), Stephen McCallum (Animator, games designer, Victoria), Gregory Ball (Faculty VIU, Nanaimo), Michelle Forsyth (Faculty, OCAD), Alison MacTaggart (Faculty, Kwantlen Polytechnic University), Jess Wheaton (recently graduated with her MFA, Hunter College, NYC. Jess will also be our next Artist in Residence, Spring 2014).

Alumni websites


Bjornson, Emily E Brennan, Louise Chang, Liam S Courtney, Michael P Ippen, Sarah E Kendall, Maximillian Z Knott, Madelaine D Leung, Tamiya M Ortiz, Erick S Pearson, Bryanna S Penhale, Sarah T Plante, Benjamin S Preston, Stephanie C Quinsey, Brianna R Taylor, Adam B Woodward, Shandrie M Yerkovich, Mikhail E


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