Choreography & Paint

Choreographic Studies on Paper and Canvas

By Jeremy Gordaneer

photo-2016-10-31-1-46-22-pm photo-2016-10-31-1-46-05-pm

This body of work started with gestural drawings as a form of documentation or “mapping” of Thea Patterson’s performance work entitled “between the is and could be”. The source drawings were done rapidly with a sharpie, either on canvas or paper, through a process of overlaying the movements of the dancer.  I then continued this layering by going into the lines and picking out certain rhythms, and gestures abstracted from the original figuration to arrive at a new chorographic place, that acts in conversation with the original source material.


This project looks at documentation as a source point, and as a way to think how the document can be something more, or exist as its own entity with its own agency and extends from where it originates. Working specifically with dance, the work also is in fact a dance, or a choreographic study. I am not interested in the truth of the document, so much as how it can slide across forms. This idea of slide comes directly from the practice of Patterson, which in her performance work functions to destabilize the spectatorial contract. Here in the paintings and drawings, one can find the same concept at work in regards to the way the work slides into and away from figuration, form, and gesture.