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FRAME SPACE Video Art Exhibition Wed Dec 13th at 5pm Young Building Y111 & Y117

FRAME SPACE A Camosun College Visual Arts Film and Video Art Exhibition Opening Wednesday December 13th at 5pm (Young Building Y111 & Y117)

Announcing the limited screening of 21 Video Art works and Short Films, created by 21 second year Visual Arts Students from the Fall 2017 Art 268, Video and Film Art class, for a 24hr period.

FRAME SPACE is a collection of explorations into the experience of moving images. Historically the Visual Arts Department has presented compilations of student Film / Video works in a ‘traditional’ theatre-based environment wherein viewers remained seated as student films were projected for their delight. This year, our students have created a variety of works that both fit into, and/or fracture what might be termed as normalized expectations of moving images. By presenting their works in a variety of arrangements from projection to monitor-based, the way one sees these works becomes as considered as the work itself. By choosing to exhibit these works in open exhibition spaces, viewers are freed from their seats and left to experience the works on their own terms, at their own pace and without a linear beginning or end. The frame in this instance becomes not just that of the image ratio (4:3, widescreen, etc.) but also the form of each project, and what it suggests or leaves for consideration, intellectually and emotionally; as viewers are invited to contemplate FRAME SPACE.


Jeremy Gordaneer Artist in Residence 2016 Camosun College

“Camosun College Visual Arts 2016 Artist in Residence Jeremy Gordaneer “Ask/Create/Collaborate/Make”

Jeremy headshot

Jeremy Gordaneer was born in Ontario and grew up in Victoria, BC. As the son of Canadian painter James Gordaneer, RCA, he was surrounded by art and began taking an interest in painting at an early age. He attended the Camosun College Fine Arts program in Victoria in the early ‘90s, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and America in order to study art and hone his craft. He spent a decade in Victoria as a member of the Chapman Group, a loose collective of artists and writers, who met weekly to study art, philosophy, physics and theology, as well as to provide a rigorous critique of each other’s work. During this time, he studied Theatre at the University of Victoria, and continues to support himself through scenic art and design for theatre and dance, while also painting, sculpting and drawing on a regular basis.

For many years, the central focus in Jeremy Gordaneer’s art has been an effort to explore different ways to ground into being the idea of a continuum. He often subverts the traditional dichotomies of painting and sculpture — figure/ground, background/foreground—in order to create new pictorial spaces which reveal aspects of the contemporary world. Beginning with drawing and painting, and often moving towards a more three-dimensional sculptoral approach, Gordaneer now often combines the two media. The inclusion of found objects in the sculptures gives the viewer an entry point to the work, calling into question notions of scale and meaning.  Recently he has launched into large-scale immersive performance projects with longtime collaborators Peter Trosztmer and Thea Patterson. Called #boxtape, this project combines sculpture and dance through the commonplace medium of packing tape, creating installations that act as set, sculpture, and character at once.