Artist in Residence (AiR)

Artist in Residence (AiR) Program

Caleb Speller, Artist in Residence, Camosun College

Caleb Speller, Artist in Residence 2011, Camosun College

Established in 2009 and kick-started by the Smeltzer/Saunders Family, the Artist in Residency (AiR) program is a social/public art program that brings a professional artist to Camosun College for a 2-3 month residency. This residency program will provide the time and space for the artist to research new ideas and experiment with different techniques and means of production.
The Resident Artist will work with Camosun’s students and the general public in a cross-disciplinary activity that contributes to Camosun’s cultural life and that of the surrounding community. The Resident Artist’s project will highlight shared cultural/social concerns, connections between people and address thematic issues.

The artists in residence will be encouraged to explore our facilities and studios: printmaking, sculpture, photography, filmmaking, painting and ceramics. This exploration can open up fresh possibilities and directions for the artist. Through studio work, discussion groups and formal lectures the resident artist and the audience will investigate ideas and methods that can be applied to the continued creation of contemporary art.

For further information about the program contact Brenda Petays, Visual Arts Instructor, 370-3380,


2015 Alysha Farling

2014 Jess Wheaton

Site 4: in his field, dig twin holes

Zoë Kreye, Site 4: in his field, dig twin holes, 2012

Brenda Petays, Coordinator of the Artist in Residence, describes Zoë’s work “part of the work she is doing involves engaging in a Body Land experiment; she has located five points on her body that represent “hosting” or ways in which she invites people in or shares her space and thoughts with people. Through a series of actions and drawings she physically pinpoints the locations on her body, then she finds five points on land that correspond to the Body host points and again with actions and drawing locates these Land host points”.

For more see Zoë’s project specific blog at

Zoë’s studio days and hours

  • October 20-21, hours 11-2
  • November 3-4, hours 11-2
  • November 10, hours 11-2

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