Who We Are / What We Do

Who We Are

We are: practicing artists and academics who happen to also love teaching, and are privileged to work in one of the best two-year art foundation programs in North America. We are a diverse group of thinkers and makers; generalists who specialize and are inventive, open, and dedicated to our craft.

We welcome: rebels and introverts, innovators and questioners. We welcome the unprepared, the over-prepared and everything in between.

We value: creative problem solving most of all. To achieve this, we cultivate an environment of informed, critical thinking while emboldening our students to become more confident and adaptable. As a result of their experiences in the program, our students come to view the world through a sharper lens.

What we do

The Visual Arts Diploma program offers a comprehensive education in the visual arts by exposing students to diverse working methods and teaching both traditional and contemporary processes. Areas of study include filmmaking, video art, animation, printmaking, ceramics, performance art, graphic design, photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, and art history.

As a studio immersion program, our courses are integrated to include theory and technique, and students develop both technical skills and conceptual understanding in a studio environment. Experimentation and disciplined inquiry is promoted, and students advance their art practice while producing artwork within and across mediums.

At the end of second year, graduates build portfolios that display proficiency, and promote their achievements and potential to prospective clients, employers, and post-secondary institutions. Our graduates are equipped with the skills needed to be practicing artists, creative entrepreneurs, or to pursue varied careers in the arts community. They are also well prepared for further studies at universities and art colleges within Canada and abroad.


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