“Make Things Happen” Anna Banana

Art 102 responds to Anna Banana exhibit at Open Space Gallery – by making things happen inside the classroom and out on campus:Photo 2015-09-30, 11 35 34 AM ask a stranger to give you something….

banana102 025  Photo 2015-09-30, 11 37 00 AM                              making collages and paper crowns….banana102 011Photo 2015-09-30, 12 07 08 PMcreating a Harper mask…banana102 010asking people to interact with the mask….Photo 2015-09-30, 11 48 49 AMinterviewing people and collecting stories for a book….banana102 045banana102 046creating greeting cards…Photo 2015-09-30, 11 37 26 AM adding your personalized message… banana102 040and creating banana mail art…banana102 051banana102 052

Anna Banana exhibit http://www.openspace.ca/45_Years_of_Fooling_Around_With_A_Banana


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