Art Intervention: project by art student Aileen Penner


By definition an art intervention is an interaction with a previously existing artwork, audience, space or situation. For my Intermedia class, we were asked to conduct and intervention in the world and present that art-object to the class.

I started by noticing the debris and branch piles on the roads around the city waiting for pick-up. They were like little nests everywhere. I was interested in altering the urban spaces using the nest idea and I decided to use these free materials to make my own nests. I combined these natural materials with cables and and other wires from old technology and made 17 nests that I placed all over the city. Inside was a sign with the hashtag #littlenestseverywhere. You can see the results of this intervention here:

nest20150309_214838 nestIMG_20150302_161007 nestIMG_20150303_065941 nestIMG_20150303_072943 nestIMG_20150303_073114


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