Faculty Brenda Petays, Mi-Lab Artist in Residence in Japan

The summer months in the Visual Arts department are a mix of curriculum meetings, equipment repairs and studio renovations but most important for faculty and technologists is professional development – a time for research, training and personal studio practice.


Faculty Brenda Petays teaches Drawing & Painting, 2D Foundations and Printmaking. She traveled to Fujikawguchiko, Japan to study Mokuhanga, the traditional woodblock printmaking method. In a 6 week residency Brenda learned Mokuhanga carving techniques, watercolor and gouache properties, conditions of washi papers and a variety of printing methods. Brenda will be teaching these techniques to Printmaking students starting in the winter term 2015.

a link to  the Mi-Lab basic training residency

2014_0426EA 2014_0426GE 2014_0413CG 2014_0413BP 2014_0429CW

In addition to her printmaking studies Brenda visited Mt. Fuji-san, the Ghibli Museum, Sensōji Temple and Tokyo National Museum.

2014_0410BS 2014_0515AG 2014_0512CH2014_0512AO


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