How are things Looking?

Kyath Battie photography and film/video artist, 2013 artist in residence, Visual Arts Camosun Collegekyath2kayth3

Kyath Battie names her residency project “LOOKOUT”

What is she looking at? What is in her camera’s frame? kyath4

From a specific stationary viewpoint on Mount Pkols Battie frames and films the “Lookout” platform on Mount Pkols and documents random observers as they arrive to consume the view. It is a puzzle this spatial layout, Battie’s distant orientation relative to the observer and the perceived projection in pictures/thoughts of the viewed vista.

Lookout Experiment #12 by Kyath Battie

As viewers and consumers of the film clips we never see the vista. The random viewers could be simply facing a blank wall for all we know. They are like the tiny tormented figures trapped in a Hieronymus Bosch painting or like the penned in passengers on the deck of a cruise ship. The long take, mirrored composition and point of view in Lookout Experiment #12  –Battie conceals herself and the camera by a particular compelling arbutus tree ringed by human ashes– emphasizes an inescapable constant lookout and contrasts this with the careless actions of the wanderers in search of a quickie nature epiphany.

Mix Tape and Image Experiment by Kyath Battie


In Mix Tape and Image Experiment Battie ads a soundtrack to the cinematic image. Made from found commercial cassette tapes, mostly 80’s pop, Battie cuts out the drama with scissors and re-assembles the sounds now as calm aural fragments as curious as her camera.

Kyath Battie will present a screening and artist talk of her completed Lookout project the fall of 2013 at Visual Arts, Camosun Collage

artist in residence program


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