Shandrie Woodward, at the Vertical Gallery 2013


Modesty of Retention

“I have been interested in the recollection of memory for some time now, having taken notice of the peculiar experience of reoccurring dream, repressed memory and the thin line between imagination and reality. Working mostly from personal experience, I have attempted to recapture the memories and dreams that were created in my childhood. My goal is to create a work that both represents and communicates the feeling, emotion and gravity of an ephemeral moment. Through the use of installation, the metaphorical reference to memory is made through materials. Used bed sheets act as a vehicle for nostalgia, a highly personal material that has been used, touched, washed over and over allowing the influence and energy of the events stored within it to create a tactile ground to work with. Colour also communicates the concept, the staining creating dreamy landscapes within the fabric. With a direct reference to the passage of time, the installation not only records that passage, but illustrates how memories act like a stain, blurring the original memory, distorting and changing it over time.”

–      Shandrie Woodward


Each year 2 students graduating from Visual Arts Camosun are selected through a proposal/curated process to exhibit their work in the Vertical Gallery (a pop-up space) at Open Space Artist Run Center 510 Fort St


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