Performance Art: Body as material and method for making Art

Atimo smokes

Timo, Smoking and Rolling in Rain Puddles

Performance Art connects artists directly with their bodies – it takes the body as a site of resistance – as a political and social platform and a site for personal reflection. Performance can be silent and private or loud and public, confrontational, masochistic, cathartic even narcissistic. These performances shift the passive role of a viewer/audience into an active visceral response.

3-minute public performance on campus; considered: location, gesture, costume, objects and environmental conditions: time, light/color, sound, scent, taste and touch

A1will outside

Will Selfie, easel, mirror outside cafeteria


Zenah Red Wrapped, blind walking on the green tennis lawn

A2sam wrap

Sam Saran Wrapped, plastic wrapped body, green tennis lawn

Intermedia Art 160


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