Body Prosthetic project, Art 120

The Body Prosthetics project features improved natural extensions of the artist’s body.Image Drink, eat and digestImage Revolving egoImage Self-consumption

Prostheses—like a deer’s antlers, or grandpa’s false teeth, or Wolverine’s retractable adamantium claws—can be replacements for missing parts of a body, or be extensions that improve functions of the body. The prosthetics can increase the power and size of the body or reveal aspects of the artist’s identity and desire.

ImageHungry Mouth and Bubble Back

The body’s tissues undergo constant renewal, our cells grow and re-grow…so are we the same person we were 7 years ago? Do our new bodies require new social behaviors?

Body Prosthetic: construction of a wearable prosthetic and performance of changed social behavior

Found materials: plastic pipe, plaster, paint, cookie dough, cardboard, paint, panty hose and balloons.

November 2012


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