ART is a Person bus project

The 15 finalists of the ART is a Person bus project.

The install date is at yet unknown due to  BC Transit labour disputes. We will make an announcement once these are in the buses on Facebook, Twitter @ARTisaperson, and in this blog.

April Piluso - Still from film "Distortion in Grey", 2012

April Piluso – Still from film “Distortion in Grey”, 2012

April Piluso (Alumni 2012) – The image provided is a still from an in-progress film piece that is intended to be viewed as part of a gallery installation. Distortion in Grey deals with near-linear sound elements that draw the observer into a deep, rhythmic head-space. At certain intervals, the sound is joined by visuals that support the concurrent audio state; for example, a sudden THUMP is met with a strong, jarring image, whereas a soft crackling sound is paired with a gently flowing video clip that builds in its intensity over time. This idea stems from an ongoing fascination with both electricity and how different sounds can affect the body and mind, igniting the vast network of nerves throughout.

Bryanna Pearson - "Memories of the Pearson Household", 2012, acrylic paint

Bryanna Pearson – “Memories of the Pearson Household”, 2012, acrylic paint

Bryanna Pearson  (currently in 2nd Year) – As an individual I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself in a clear and concise manner. My mind is always whirling and I can never find the proper words or ways to explain myself. As I’ve grown as an artist I’ve realized that one of the best gifts art has presented me with is to show the world my thoughts, emotions, feelings in a way which allows for people to see, understand, contemplate my outlook on the world in a visual manner. Art is a very vulnerable thing and it can be, in my opinion, one of the scariest things to allow the outside world to look in on something so personal as the mind of an artistic individual. However, without it I feel that the world would never quite understand me or my story.

Art is a person, art is a Pearson.

Chris Savage - Beginning, 2012, black Sharpie

Chris Savage – Beginning, 2012, black Sharpie

Chris Savage (2012) – I do not set out to create an artwork about one subject in particular. I find myself exploring the broad diversity of subjects life has to offer and trying to simplify them into viewable pieces of work. The sharpie is a tool that has allowed me to explore the variety one can achieve with a single line. In limiting my color palette I have been able to explore the creation and manipulation of space in its simplest form–black and white.

From the first line of a piece to the last I feel I develop and gain better control over what I want to achieve. Creation is a dynamic thing as there is always something that can be improved upon, which is something I find exciting as there will always be room for growth.

Clare Lannan - Skin #281, 2012, digital photograph (presented as a digital glossy print)

Clare Lannan – Skin #281, 2012, digital photograph (presented as a digital glossy print)

Clare Lannan (2010) – Our skin is transient, replacing itʼs self entirely in approximately 7 years. Even the most permanent of marks will change and fade as each old layer leaves our body, to be replaced by new growth and new features. With this in mind, I put forth that our skin acts as a topographical map of each internal and external feature of our body, each event weʼve experienced in our lives. We all deal with unexpected, unplanned presences on our skin. Through both conscious and accidental passage do we mark our flesh in ways that are constantly transient. The most permanent will still change, the deepest will still heal. My work seeks to document this sort of behavior through itʼs largest visual manifestation, our flesh.

Connor McCleary - Untitled print, 2012

Connor McCleary – St. Augustine, linocut, 2012

Connor McCleary (currently in 2nd Year) is a printmaker who employs text, patterns, high-fives, and made-up architecture to explore dreamscapes and reveal the characters of the subconscious world.

Erin Berry - Feel Me Up, 2011, chair, rubber gloves, fill

Erin Berry – Feel Me Up, 2011, chair frame, latex gloves, pillow stuffing

Erin Berry (2012) – The concept for “Feel Me Up” was to create an object that makes the viewer feel self conscious and awkward while sitting in a comfortable chair. The chair brings to mind the personal and private experience of physical contact and makes it very public. 
Touch is a vital aspect of human connection, it is the first thing we do when introducing ourselves to someone new and the last thing we do when leaving someone close.  Our hands are key in these encounters and this is what I have found interesting.  Reflecting on this piece two years after its creation, I feel it was also a realization of my own desire for touch and also an expression of my discomfort with being tickled or prodded.  This realization has brought the concept of Feel Me Up back into my thoughts and it has become an enduring idea, which I am still trying to express both verbally and visually.

Ken MacKenzie - Untitled 2012, media?

Ken MacKenzie – “Internal self portrait”, 2012, silk screen print

Ken MacKenzie (2012) – When I heard the title Art is a Person, my thoughts immediately went to the ways that I have portrayed myself through my time at Camosun. I have appeared as a cynic, an optimist; a love struck young man, a cartoon character. Sometimes I appeared successful, but mostly my appearances were self deprecating. I chose these two images: my artist portrait, in which I look presentable, even desirable; and my self portrait, in which I look sad, even angry, and some of the ways I have seen myself are visible. These photos show two aspects of my identity: my confidence, and my withdrawn tendencies; my outer persona and my inner persona. It doesn’t matter which is which. In my opinion, they are interchangeable. What does matter, is that they are both true, both active, and both clashing. They are integral to the ways I portray anything, including myself.

Leanne Weflen - "Wine labels" 2012, digital media

Leanne Weflen – “Wine labels” 2012, digital media

Leanne Weflen (2010) – Visual Arts has been my core essential for developing my career and passion in graphic and web design. It has put an “edge” to my designs and enhanced my creative thought process. Being able to use and create a variety of mediums, expands my artistic ability, therefor I have been able to develop versatility within my career choices. The visuals are what keep me engaged and passionately motivated. Determination and hard work are key qualities that make my designs successful and ensure my expansion of success and quality.

Maddy Knott - May Contain, 2012, chair, gum

Maddy Knott – May Contain, 2012, chair, gum

Maddy Knott  (currently in 2nd Year)- The piece “May Contain” invites the viewer to look at our disposable society and to question consumption habits in the Western world. The public often remains naive and chooses to turn a ‘blind eye’ to prevalent issues.. The disposable nature of chewing gum references the public’s disregard for the problem of over consumption. The placement of  gum on the chair alludes to ignorance in society and the general attitude of neglect. The manner in which the gum is disposed reinforces an “out of sight out of mind” attitude,  mirroring how society views problems. The intent here was to draw attention to the issue of mass consumption and waste  produced, then blatantly ignoring the problem.

Michael Courtney - "What is Love?" 2012, drypoint, 60cm x 76cm

Michael Courtney – “What is Love?” 2012, drypoint, 60cm x 76cm

Michael Courtney  (currently in 2nd Year)- What is Love? That was, literally, the question. When asked to make a drypoint print based on this question, my initial reaction was to make something witty. Humour is often present in my work, and is simply a reflection of my personality. I try to temper this with intelligent undertones, and Love Roller Coaster is a successful combination in my opinion. A roller coaster is a very accurate allusion to love, representing equally well the physical and emotional feelings endured when enamored with someone. The image was etched on Plexiglas, wiped with tarlatan cloth, and printed with a rolling press on damp paper.  60cm x 76cm.

Sarah Ippen - "Sweet Pipes", 2012, water colour and digital paint

Sarah Ippen – “Sweet Pipes”, 2012, water colour and digital paint

Sarah Ippen (currently in 2nd Year) – My education at Camosun College has introduced me to sculpture, painting and printmaking. Though they all intrigue me, my true inspiration lies more specifically, pixelization in video games. I began creating 8-bit art over these last couple months, and I hope to pursue it further. This piece titled “Sweet Pipes” illustrates the flow and the processes that come of inspiration while I was experimenting in this medium.

Shandy Bearman - Hunting Rabbits, 2009, photo, cardboard

Shandy Bearman – Hunting Rabbits, 2009, photo, cardboard

Shandy Bearman (2009) – This piece was created at the University of  Victoria in the summer of 2009 as a continuation of my ‘preservation’  series (started at Camosun College). It explored how preserving and  capturing an object changes it and is therefore no longer a ‘true’ representation. I was interested in categorization and questioning the  assumed truth of arbitrary classifications.

Given only cardboard  to work with; the project started as a light hearted reference to the  incredible number of rabbits on the university campus. I created 13  boxes 8 cm square. The ‘bunny boxes’ are each labeled and have  corresponding pinhole 8 cm square photographs taken with a camera made  from a fourteenth box. As I tried to capture the rabbits with my bunny  box camera it became clear that I was able to document them only by  representing what was not there. The blank photograph was a rabbit that  was shot for about 30 seconds. Just as the boxes; the photographs became representations and explanations of the essence of ‘rabbit’ no more  real than if there were an image of the rabbit.  The camera and  photographs were displayed with name tags and the boxes with  corresponding tags were hidden throughout the visual arts building.

Torrance Beamish - "Tied to the Mast", 2012, ceramic and glaze

Torrance Beamish – “Tied to the Mast”, 2012, ceramic and glaze

Torrance Beamish (2010) – “Tied to the Mast” is an interpretation of the powerful strangeness of our world and the state of the individual within it. I am interested in flushing out general truths from my own experiences and expressing them through themes of personal identity, travel, meaning and belonging. I am drawn to traditional craft media such as ceramic sculpture, pottery, and drawing for their innate references to construction, domestic function, and decoration. I enjoy combining the visual language of traditional pattern design and craft with modern graphic imagery, to hint at a deeper story and reflect back to the human figure through form and use of space. Camosun College’s visual arts program helped me to view art in the broader context of society and exposed me to a variety of different art forms. I’m currently studying ceramics at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Tyson Laidler - "Astro Rosie, Noble Beast", 2010, acrylic paint

Tyson Laidler – “Astro Rosie, Noble Beast”, 2009, acrylic paint

Tyson Laidler (2009) – “Astro Rosie, Noble Beast” is a dedication to my now late pet painted during my second year in (Camosun’s) Visual Arts. I attempted to create the scenic Pacific coast on canvas by referencing the Olympic Mountain Range and shrouding the lush rainforest with coastal fog. Although she wasn’t especially the largest or strongest canine, I felt placing her against the most heroic and breathtaking landscape while atop a mountain peak would fulfill my perceptions of her and eventually serve her memory due justice. If there is an afterlife for dogs, this would be hers.

Willie Seo - Absence 1, 2011, digital image

Willie Seo – Absence 1, 2011, digital image

Willie Seo (2010) – Identity is ever-changing and is built through one’s physical and mental experiences. My life and my art work are mostly influenced by these experiences. Since I relocated from my mother country—Republic of Korea to Canada, that move has brought me a great deal of adjustment and compromise between the two cultures. With this give and take, the focus of my object making is to collect fragments of the experiences to bridge the cultures. In doing so, I question my identity in the mix of cultures.

Constructing moments of my experiences with three dimensional sculptures works really well for me because viewers can easily relate to life size objects. In addition, photo-based work in my practice provide a platform to depict realistic, surrealistic, symbolic, and metaphoric moments on a two dimensional surface. Since digital media is ubiquitous in visual arts, my strong knowledge in photography extends to digital media and becomes an effective tool for my practice. However, sometimes one medium doesn’t quite work well so installation helps me to move the question of identity forward. One material or medium meets or confronts another in my installations; the meeting between the two or more elements highlight different experiences to the viewers, as my own culture meets other cultures in Canada.

I believe that I can engage with viewers in a way that they are able to experience and sense my cultural musings indirectly.

Alternate 16th

Cory McGregor - Street Blends, 2012, digital media

Cory McGregor – Street Blends, 2012, digital media

Cory McGregor – Street Blends is a collection of images created by taking 64 photographs along a single street and digitally layering them together. The series seeks to illustrate the different personalities of each street by layering photographs until all landmarks and features are indistinguishable. What’s left is the overall characteristics of an entire street; the size of the buildings, the quality of the lawns, the type of trees, etc. Through these suggestions of various familiar places, we can begin to see how we subconsciously evaluate and recognize the spaces around us.


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